Items | Soulstone Bag - Grants random Soulstones.

Soulstone Bag

Soulstone Bag Soulstone Bag
Grants random Soulstones.
Max amount 9999
Sell 500 Star

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Pumpkin Duke SoulstonePumpkin Duke Soulstone10.1%
Pumpkin Duke SoulstonePumpkin Duke Soulstone20.1%
Pumpkin Duke SoulstonePumpkin Duke Soulstone30.1%
Pumpkin Duke SoulstonePumpkin Duke Soulstone40.1%
Pumpkin Duke SoulstonePumpkin Duke Soulstone50.1%
Snowzilla SoulstoneSnowzilla Soulstone10.1%
Snowzilla SoulstoneSnowzilla Soulstone20.1%
Snowzilla SoulstoneSnowzilla Soulstone30.1%
Snowzilla SoulstoneSnowzilla Soulstone40.1%
Snowzilla SoulstoneSnowzilla Soulstone50.1%
Cupid SoulstoneCupid Soulstone10.1%
Cupid SoulstoneCupid Soulstone20.1%
Cupid SoulstoneCupid Soulstone30.1%
Cupid SoulstoneCupid Soulstone40.1%
Cupid SoulstoneCupid Soulstone50.1%
Aries SoulstoneAries Soulstone10.1%
Aries SoulstoneAries Soulstone20.1%
Aries SoulstoneAries Soulstone30.1%
Aries SoulstoneAries Soulstone40.1%
Aries SoulstoneAries Soulstone50.1%
Vlad Dracula SoulstoneVlad Dracula Soulstone10.1%
Vlad Dracula SoulstoneVlad Dracula Soulstone20.1%
Vlad Dracula SoulstoneVlad Dracula Soulstone30.1%
Vlad Dracula SoulstoneVlad Dracula Soulstone40.1%
Vlad Dracula SoulstoneVlad Dracula Soulstone50.1%
Death Knight SoulstoneDeath Knight Soulstone10.1%
Death Knight SoulstoneDeath Knight Soulstone20.1%
Death Knight SoulstoneDeath Knight Soulstone30.1%
Death Knight SoulstoneDeath Knight Soulstone40.1%
Death Knight SoulstoneDeath Knight Soulstone50.1%
Orksbane SoulstoneOrksbane Soulstone10.1%
Orksbane SoulstoneOrksbane Soulstone20.1%
Orksbane SoulstoneOrksbane Soulstone30.1%
Orksbane SoulstoneOrksbane Soulstone40.1%
Orksbane SoulstoneOrksbane Soulstone50.1%
Santa Boom SoulstoneSanta Boom Soulstone10.1%
Santa Boom SoulstoneSanta Boom Soulstone20.1%
Santa Boom SoulstoneSanta Boom Soulstone30.1%
Santa Boom SoulstoneSanta Boom Soulstone40.1%
Santa Boom SoulstoneSanta Boom Soulstone50.1%
Pixie SoulstonePixie Soulstone10.1%
Pixie SoulstonePixie Soulstone20.1%
Pixie SoulstonePixie Soulstone30.1%
Pixie SoulstonePixie Soulstone40.1%
Pixie SoulstonePixie Soulstone50.1%
Warlock SoulstoneWarlock Soulstone10.1%
Warlock SoulstoneWarlock Soulstone20.1%
Warlock SoulstoneWarlock Soulstone30.1%
Warlock SoulstoneWarlock Soulstone40.1%
Warlock SoulstoneWarlock Soulstone50.1%
Treantaur SoulstoneTreantaur Soulstone10.1%
Treantaur SoulstoneTreantaur Soulstone20.1%
Treantaur SoulstoneTreantaur Soulstone30.1%
Treantaur SoulstoneTreantaur Soulstone40.1%
Treantaur SoulstoneTreantaur Soulstone50.1%
Harpy Queen SoulstoneHarpy Queen Soulstone10.1%
Harpy Queen SoulstoneHarpy Queen Soulstone20.1%
Harpy Queen SoulstoneHarpy Queen Soulstone30.1%
Harpy Queen SoulstoneHarpy Queen Soulstone40.1%
Harpy Queen SoulstoneHarpy Queen Soulstone50.1%
Skull Knight SoulstoneSkull Knight Soulstone10.1%
Skull Knight SoulstoneSkull Knight Soulstone20.1%
Skull Knight SoulstoneSkull Knight Soulstone30.1%
Skull Knight SoulstoneSkull Knight Soulstone40.1%
Skull Knight SoulstoneSkull Knight Soulstone50.1%
Dread Drake SoulstoneDread Drake Soulstone10.1%
Dread Drake SoulstoneDread Drake Soulstone20.1%
Dread Drake SoulstoneDread Drake Soulstone30.1%
Dread Drake SoulstoneDread Drake Soulstone40.1%
Dread Drake SoulstoneDread Drake Soulstone50.1%
Ghoulem SoulstoneGhoulem Soulstone10.1%
Ghoulem SoulstoneGhoulem Soulstone20.1%
Ghoulem SoulstoneGhoulem Soulstone30.1%
Ghoulem SoulstoneGhoulem Soulstone40.1%
Ghoulem SoulstoneGhoulem Soulstone50.1%
Candy Kane SoulstoneCandy Kane Soulstone10.1%
Candy Kane SoulstoneCandy Kane Soulstone20.1%
Candy Kane SoulstoneCandy Kane Soulstone30.1%
Candy Kane SoulstoneCandy Kane Soulstone40.1%
Candy Kane SoulstoneCandy Kane Soulstone50.1%
Valentina SoulstoneValentina Soulstone10.1%
Valentina SoulstoneValentina Soulstone20.1%
Valentina SoulstoneValentina Soulstone30.1%
Valentina SoulstoneValentina Soulstone40.1%
Valentina SoulstoneValentina Soulstone50.1%
Beast Tamer SoulstoneBeast Tamer Soulstone10.1%
Beast Tamer SoulstoneBeast Tamer Soulstone20.1%
Beast Tamer SoulstoneBeast Tamer Soulstone30.1%
Beast Tamer SoulstoneBeast Tamer Soulstone40.1%
Beast Tamer SoulstoneBeast Tamer Soulstone50.1%
Lady Leo SoulstoneLady Leo Soulstone10.1%
Lady Leo SoulstoneLady Leo Soulstone20.1%
Lady Leo SoulstoneLady Leo Soulstone30.1%
Lady Leo SoulstoneLady Leo Soulstone40.1%
Lady Leo SoulstoneLady Leo Soulstone50.1%
Grimfiend SoulstoneGrimfiend Soulstone10.1%
Grimfiend SoulstoneGrimfiend Soulstone20.1%
Grimfiend SoulstoneGrimfiend Soulstone30.1%
Grimfiend SoulstoneGrimfiend Soulstone40.1%
Grimfiend SoulstoneGrimfiend Soulstone50.1%
Dracax SoulstoneDracax Soulstone10.1%
Dracax SoulstoneDracax Soulstone20.1%
Dracax SoulstoneDracax Soulstone30.1%
Dracax SoulstoneDracax Soulstone40.1%
Dracax SoulstoneDracax Soulstone50.1%
Medusa SoulstoneMedusa Soulstone10.1%
Medusa SoulstoneMedusa Soulstone20.1%
Medusa SoulstoneMedusa Soulstone30.1%
Medusa SoulstoneMedusa Soulstone40.1%
Medusa SoulstoneMedusa Soulstone50.1%
Trixie Treat SoulstoneTrixie Treat Soulstone10.1%
Trixie Treat SoulstoneTrixie Treat Soulstone20.1%
Trixie Treat SoulstoneTrixie Treat Soulstone30.1%
Trixie Treat SoulstoneTrixie Treat Soulstone40.1%
Trixie Treat SoulstoneTrixie Treat Soulstone50.1%
Moltanica SoulstoneMoltanica Soulstone10.1%
Moltanica SoulstoneMoltanica Soulstone20.1%
Moltanica SoulstoneMoltanica Soulstone30.1%
Moltanica SoulstoneMoltanica Soulstone40.1%
Moltanica SoulstoneMoltanica Soulstone50.1%
Demogorgon SoulstoneDemogorgon Soulstone10.1%
Demogorgon SoulstoneDemogorgon Soulstone20.1%
Demogorgon SoulstoneDemogorgon Soulstone30.1%
Demogorgon SoulstoneDemogorgon Soulstone40.1%
Demogorgon SoulstoneDemogorgon Soulstone50.1%
Arctica SoulstoneArctica Soulstone10.1%
Arctica SoulstoneArctica Soulstone20.1%
Arctica SoulstoneArctica Soulstone30.1%
Arctica SoulstoneArctica Soulstone40.1%
Arctica SoulstoneArctica Soulstone50.1%


Where to get Quantity Chances / Cost
The fountain of desiresThe fountain of desires 1-3