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Legendary Hero Card

Legendary Hero Card Legendary Hero Card
Hires 1 random Legendary Hero.
Max amount 9999
Sell 200 Shards

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Paladin - Hires a Legendary Paladin Hero.110.79%
Ninja - Hires a Legendary Ninja Hero.110.8%
Succubus - Hires a Legendary Succubus Hero.110.8%
Champion - Hires a Legendary Champion Hero.110.8%
Pumpkin Duke - Hires a Legendary Pumpkin Duke Hero.110.8%
Grizzly Reaper - Hires a Legendary Grizzly Reaper Hero.110.8%
Snowzilla - Hires a Legendary Snowzilla Hero.110.8%
Cupid - Hires a Legendary Cupid Hero.110.8%
Aries - Hires the Legendary Hero, Aries.10.4%
Vlad Dracula - Hires the Legendary Hero, Vlad Dracula.10.6%
Orksbane - Hires the Legendary Hero, Orksbane.11.2%
Santa Boom - Hires the Legendary Hero, Santa Boom.10.6%
Pixie - Hires the Legendary Hero, Pixie.11.2%
Death Knight - Hires the Legendary Hero, Death Knight.11.2%
Treantaur - Hires the Legendary Treantaur Hero.13.3%
Warlock - Hires the Legendary Hero, Warlock.10.6%
Siren - Hires the Legendary Hero, Siren.13.3%
Harpy Queen - Hires the Legendary Harpy Queen Hero.11.2%
Skull Knight - Hires the Legendary Skull Knight Hero.10.01%


Where to get Quantity Chances / Cost
Starter Pack VII - Open to get a Legendary Hero Card and other items.Starter Pack VII - Open to get a Legendary Hero Card and other items. 1 100%