Items | Praiser's Pack - Grants random rewards.

Praiser's Pack

Praiser Praiser's Pack
Grants random rewards.
Max amount 65000
Sell 500 Star

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Blessed Tome I - Grants a Hero 100,000 EXP.1???
Gelatinous Champion Essence - Give 1 Hero 3000 Skill EXP.1???
EXP Pack III - Grants a lot of EXP.1???
Mastery Essence I - Grants 15,000 Skill EXP when used.1???
Honor Badge Pack III - Grants 2000 Honor Badges.1???
Shard Pack III - Grants 200 Shards.1???
Quest Refresh Card - Immediately resets the Quest cooldown time.1???
Arena Card - Increases Arena Battle Chance by 1.1???
Team Dungeon Card - Increases Team Dungeon entries by 1.1???
Team HBM Card - Increases Team HBM entries by 1.1???
Dungeon Entry Card - Increases Dungeon Entries by 5.1???
Monster Pass - Grants 1 extra Here Be Monsters entry.1???
Trial Entry Card - Increases Hero Trials entries by 1.1???
Karmic Rock I - Use to upgrade Destiny.1???
Karmic Rock II - Use to upgrade Destiny.1???
Soulstone Bag - Grants random Soulstones.1???
Soulstone Trunk - Grants random Soulstones.1???
Talent Refresh Card - Refresh a Hero1???
Fine Enchantment Chest - Grants a random Lv4 or Lv5 Enchantment.1???