Items | Rift Box - Grants random rewards.

Rift Box

Rift Box Rift Box
Grants random rewards.
Max amount 65000
Sell 12000 Blue Crystals

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Scorch Insignia - Has a 7% chance to negate all damage when attacked.1???
Corrode Insignia - Has 20% chance to lower Energy of 3 nearby enemies by 30 when attacked.1???
Brute Force Insignia - Increases ATK by 16% in battle. Critical hits from Hero1???
Berserk Insignia - Increases ATK SPD by 20%.1???
Unholy Pact Insignia - Increases ATK by 40% but also increases DMG received by 20%.1???
Psyshield Insignia - Increases Max HP by 12%. Every 9s, grants a shield that blocks one negative status.1???