Items | Castle Chest IX - Grants random reward(s).

Castle Chest IX

Castle Chest IX Castle Chest IX
Grants random reward(s).
Max amount 65000
Sell 20000 Gold

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Adeptness Codex - Raises Inscription Adeptness Lv. Kill monsters in Lost Realm (Lv 11+) to get.20???
Orderbound Birthrock - Raises Orderbound Warden10???
Voidwalker Birthrock - Raises Voidwalker Warden10???
Prime Hero Card IV - Hires 1 random Legendary Hero.1???
Apex Crystal - Use to raise Hero100???
Super Pet Skill Book - Raises Super Pet200???
Prime Insignia Chest II - Grants a random Lv7 or Lv8 Insignia.1???
Spawning Agent - Material for Pet Spawning. Obtain from Team HBM and Lost Realm monsters.200???
Pet Essence - Material needed for Pet Spawning. Obtainable from Lost Realm monsters.200???
Honor Badge Pack III - Grants 2000 Honor Badges.200???