Items | Castle Chest X - Grants random reward(s).

Castle Chest X

Castle Chest X Castle Chest X
Grants random reward(s).
Max amount 65000
Sell 20000 Gold

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Prime Hero Card V - Hires 1 random Legendary Hero.1???
Capstone Ruby - Use to raise Hero12???
Red Crystal Box L - Grants 1000 Red Crystals.400???
Adeptness Codex - Raises Inscription Adeptness Lv. Kill monsters in Lost Realm (Lv 11+) to get.40???
Epic Hero Soulstone Bag I - Grants some Epic Hero Soulstones.2???
Epic Hero Vestige Bag - Grants random Epic Hero Vestiges.2???
Superior Traits Card - Grants 2 random Lv 4-5 Superior Traits.4???
Prime Insignia Chest III - Grants a random Insignia (Lv 8-9).1???
Epic Hero Skin Scraps Box I - Grants random Epic Hero Skin Scraps.2???
Disk Pack III - Obtained 10000 Disk(s).8???