Items - Gift Pack

Halloween Chest II

Halloween Chest II Halloween Chest II
Grants random reward(s).
Max amount 65000
Sell 20000 Gold

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Serratica Bag I - Grants a random number of Serratica Soulstones.2???
Serratica Vestige - Use to upgrade Serratica20???
Blessed Tome III - Grants a Hero 2,000,000 EXP.175???
Legendary Star Stone - Use to raise Star Level of a Legendary Hero5???
Elite Gear Chest I - Grants 1 random piece of Gear of relevant grade.4???
Gear Scroll (Gold) - Use to draw gold cards in the Gear Hub. Can be purchased with Gems.4???
Igniting Stone Chest I - Grants 1000 Igniting Stone(s).1???
Insignia Enhance Rock III - Use to raise a Lv 9 Insignia to Lv 10.5???
Superior Traits Card - Grants 2 random Lv 4-5 Superior Traits.6???