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Divine Behemoth Insignia Pack

Divine Behemoth Insignia Pack Divine Behemoth Insignia Pack
Grants a random Lv7 Insignia.
Max amount 65000
Sell 300000 Blue Crystals

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Time Steer Insignia - Raises Max HP by 99%. When attacked, adds 1s to 3 random enemy Heroes1???
Madness Agent Insignia - Reduces DMG received by 36%. When attacked, causes attacker to take DMG equal to 5% of their Max HP every second for the next 3s. (Effect only triggers on each attacker once every 6s.)1???
Blood Hunt Insignia - Reduces Max HP by 33%. Whenever this Hero uses their skill, they recover HP equal to 35% of DMG dealt by their skill.1???
Winged Rebirth Insignia - Hero revives 1 time and recovers HP equal to 40% of Max HP. Every time this Hero revives, they are invulnerable for 6s. Also increases their ATK and ATK SPD by 155% for 6s. (CD: 12s. This effect also applies to Revives from other skills.)1???
Mana Void Insignia - Increases ATK by 133%. When this Hero dies in battle, each enemy Hero loses 70 Energy. Each enemy Hero also loses 20 Energy every 0.5s for the next 5s (CD: 5s).1???
Fairy Circle Insignia - Raises Max HP by 85% and healing received by 72%. Grants immunity to fatal damage once.1???
Blood Barrier Insignia - Reduces DMG received by 40%. (No cooldown.) When attacked, has a 52% chance to be immune to 2 condition instances for the next 3s. (CD: 3s)1???
Tight Bind Insignia - When attacked, Inhibits attacker and reduces their ATK by 50% for 4s. (Attacker cannot receive this effect again for the next 7s.)1???
Bone Rot Insignia - When Hero enters the battlefield, reduces 2 random enemy targets1???