Items - Gift Pack

Valentine's Day Pack II

Valentine Valentine's Day Pack II
Grants random reward(s).
Max amount 65000
Sell 35000 Gold

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Serratica Vestige - Use to upgrade Serratica100???
Event Coin - Grants 1 Event Coin. (Use Event Coins at the Events page.)5???
Magic Powder - Grants Magic Powder, which can be used to join the Floating Isle event.50???
Superior Traits Card - Grants 2 random Lv 4-5 Superior Traits.10???
Gear Scroll (Gold) - Use to draw gold cards in the Gear Hub. Can be purchased with Gems.10???
Epic Relic Mark - Use to raise Epic Hero8???
Flower Fae SoulstoneFlower Fae Soulstone100???
Flower Fae Vestige - Use to upgrade Flower Fae140???
Sundae Sweetheart Scrap - Exchanges for the specific Flower Fae Skin. Use to enhance Skin Effects.16???