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Mythic Insignia Pack V

Mythic Insignia Pack V Mythic Insignia Pack V
Grants a random Lv5 Insignia.
Max amount 65000
Sell 128000 Blue Crystals

Inside the subject

Slot №1
Wicked Armor Insignia - Raises ATK by 26% and limits reflected DMG taken to 21000.1???
Vampiric Grail Insignia - Raises ATK by 42% and ATK SPD by 21%. Recovers HP equal to 30% ATK every time this Hero deals a basic attack.1???
Soul Healer Insignia - Increases HP by 20% and CRIT Resist by 30%. Also reduces healing of nearby enemy Heroes by 35% every 5s (Effect lasts for 5s each time)1???