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Destiny System Intro 2:
Destiny determines the Destiny Level of an area. Maximum Destiny Level is 40. Destiny Bonus such as increase in hero stats can be obtained as level goes up. When reaching Destiny Level 20 and 40, a special bonus will occur, increasing hero skill level by 1 and 2 correspondingly.

4 days ago

Destiny System Intro 1:
The main land consists of several different areas, and each area is associated with 6 specific heroes. Obtain 2 relevant Heroes for this area to unlock a story volume and collect rewards from the chest (3 total chests each area).

5 days ago

Santa's not-so-little helper. The jolly old man insisted that the creature help spread the joy of Christmas while he continued to search for his reindeer. "Think about the children," he would plead until the beast finally came out of hiding. Two long years have passed since then, and the Sasquatch had intended to return home. Little did it expect a beautiful fairy to thaw its heart...Take a guess at the new hero's skill after reading the story!

6 days ago

Ruduff the reindeer pet is arriving in the world of Castle Clash this Christmas! Stay tuned for more update sneak peek!

1 week ago

Of course we are having a new Christmas background in the upcoming update. Take a close look and see if you can find all the objects! Put your answers below.

3 weeks ago
Labyrinth Final Floor

JT going to the final floor of Labyrinth and shares his strategy, check it out!

3 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! #Thanksgiving

3 weeks ago
What do Guilds still need?

Aevatrex asking the right question: What do Guilds still need? See if you agree with him and leave your comments below!

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Favorite Skin

Which skin is the best one in this update? Vote for it!

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