Fortress Feud

1. The top 3,000 Guilds with the highest Might may participate in Fortress Feud. 2. Registration opens on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month at 09:00 (server time). 3 Battlefields will open for registration during every Fortress Feud event. Guilds may only register for 1 Battlefield per event. Battlefields may accept up to 800 registered Guilds. 3. The event will end once a Guild reaches the required Capture Points to win or 30 minutes have passed, whichever comes first. 4. Capture Points are the main criterion for winning the event. Guilds must capture as many Outposts, Strongholds, and Fortresses as they can to obtain Capture Points. The first Guild to reach 30,000 Capture Points wins. 5. If no Guild in a division reaches 30,000 Capture Points by the end of the event, the Guilds will be ranked according to Capture Points obtained. 6. If two or more Guilds in a division reach 30,000 Capture Points, their total Battle Points will determine their division ranking. 7. When attacking an enemy Outpost, Stronghold, or Fortress, you must eliminate all enemy teams within until it becomes Unoccupied before you can capture it. 8. You need to make sure there is at least one team in the stronghold during the occupation period. The occupation will fail otherwise. 9. Make sure to place at least one friendly team to defend an Outpost, Stronghold, or Fortress. Otherwise, it will become Unoccupied. 10. Players can use Revive Stones to revive their Heroes killed in battle. 11. Non-evolved Heroes below Lv 100 cannot participate in battles.
Only the Guild Leader and Vice-Leader can register their guild.
You can't pass through a non-allied area!
You can't send your Heroes to a battle your Guild isn't participating in!
You can't edit teams in a battle!


Unknown - Unknown x 5 - 12
Division 1 2 3 4
Unknown - Unknown 8 7 6 5
Might 30000 - 80000 80000 - 120000 120000 - 180000 > 180000
Unknown - Unknown 1 2 3 4