Fortress Feud

1. The event is divided into three rounds, each lasting 20 minutes. 2. Outposts are worth 20 Capture Points. Strongholds are worth 50 Capture Points. The Fortress is worth 160 Capture Points! 3. Total Capture Points will be updated after every round. At the end of the event, guilds will be ranked within their division, based on the final point total. 4. Battle Points are obtained by battling. 5. When two guilds obtain the same number of Capture Points, their division ranks will be determined by their Battle Points. 6. Dead Heroes are revived after every round. 7. Unevolved Heroes under Lv 100 can't participate in this event. 8. 60s after each battle begins, DMG received by each unit is increased by 200%, and will continue to increase once every 10s until the battle ends.
Only the Guild Leader and Vice-Leader can register their guild.
You can't pass through an area controlled by enemies!
You can't send your Heroes to a battle your Guild isn't participating in!
You can't edit teams in a battle!


Fortress Chest - Grants random rare loot. x 5 - 12
Division 1 2 3 4
Fortress Chest - Grants random rare loot. 8 7 6 5
Might 30000 - 80000 80000 - 120000 120000 - 180000 > 180000
Fortress Chest - Grants random rare loot. 1 2 3 4