Building: Hero Base

Construction Cost Reduction
Construction Speed Boost

Hero Base

Heroes are positioned here to defend against incoming attacks. You can also send them out for raids.Level up to increase the assigned Hero's attributes and patrol range.

HPAttack RangeMightSpaceHP, Hero Defense Bonus:Upgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
Hero Baselevel 12500141%2x2+ 2% 10 sec.240Mana
level 23000142%2x2+ 4% 1 min. 1100Mana
level 33500143%2x2+ 6% 5 min. 3000Mana
level 44000144%2x2+ 8% 15 min. 6000Mana
level 54500155%2x2+ 10% 30 min. 13000Mana
level 65500156%2x2+ 12% 60 min. 22000Mana
level 76500157%2x2+ 14% 2 hour. 38000Mana
level 87500158%2x2+ 16% 4 hour. 63000Mana
level 98500169%2x2+ 18% 8 hour. 110000Mana
level 10100001610%2x2+ 20% 12 hour. 150000Mana
level 11115001611%2x2+ 22% 24 hour. 270000Mana
level 12135001612%2x2+ 24%2 days. 380000Mana
level 13155001713%2x2+ 26%3 days. 520000Mana
level 14180001714%2x2+ 28%4 days. 690000Mana
level 15205001715%2x2+ 30%5 days. 890000Mana
level 16240001716%2x2+ 32%6 days. 1300000Mana
level 17275001817%2x2+ 34%7 days. 1800000Mana
level 18325001818%2x2+ 36%8 days. 2400000Mana
level 19375001819%2x2+ 38%10 days. 3000000Mana
level 20450001820%2x2+ 40%12 days. 3600000Mana
Hero Baselevel 21600001921%2x2+ 41%13 days. 4100000Mana
level 22800001922%2x2+ 42%14 days. 4700000Mana
level 231000001923%2x2+ 43%15 days. 5200000Mana
level 241200001924%2x2+ 44%16 days. 5700000Mana
level 251500002025%2x2+ 45%17 days. 6200000Mana
Build four Lv 16 Gold Vaults, Gold Mines, Mana Vaults, Mana Mills, and Army Camps to unlock a 6th Hero Base!


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