Building: Gold Mine

Construction Cost Reduction
Construction Speed Boost

Gold Mine

Produces Gold. Level up to increase production and storage space.

HPMightSpaceUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
Gold Minelevel 125003%3x3 10 sec.240Mana
Gold Minelevel 230006%3x3 1 min. 1100Mana
level 335009%3x3 5 min. 3000Mana
Gold Minelevel 4400012%3x3 15 min. 6000Mana
level 5450015%3x3 30 min. 13000Mana
Gold Minelevel 6550018%3x3 60 min. 22000Mana
level 7650021%3x3 2 hour. 38000Mana
Gold Minelevel 8750024%3x3 4 hour. 63000Mana
level 9850027%3x3 8 hour. 110000Mana
Gold Minelevel 101000030%3x3 12 hour. 150000Mana
level 111150033%3x3 24 hour. 270000Mana
Gold Minelevel 121350036%3x32 days. 380000Mana
level 131550039%3x33 days. 520000Mana
level 141800042%3x34 days. 690000Mana
Gold Minelevel 152050045%3x35 days. 890000Mana
level 162400048%3x36 days. 1300000Mana
level 172750051%3x37 days. 1800000Mana
Gold Minelevel 183250054%3x38 days. 2400000Mana
level 193750057%3x310 days. 3000000Mana
level 204500060%3x312 days. 3600000Mana
Gold Minelevel 216000063%3x313 days. 4100000Mana
level 228000066%3x314 days. 4700000Mana
level 2310000069%3x315 days. 5200000Mana
level 2412000072%3x316 days. 5700000Mana
level 2514000075%3x317 days. 6200000Mana