1. Create and pit your team against another player's team. The player who destroys their opponent's crystal first wins. 2. Each Arena season lasts 1 week. The Arena is closed during 23:50-00:10 server time daily. 3. In each season, compete among all players (for Server Rank), and among players with the same Title (for Title Rank). Title Ranks are updated at 00:10 server time daily. 4. Players with 150,000 Might or less must participate in the Preliminary Contest at the start of a new season (this does not consume challenge chances). Win 2 matches to enter the Arena. 5. You can use up to 10 Arena Cards per day.

1. Get a reward after each Arena battle (win or lose), based on your Server Rank before the battle. 2. Players are rewarded according to their Server Rank at the end of each season. 3. Rewards from a season can be collected before the end of the next season. 4. The higher your Server Rank, the more rewards you earn! The top 3 ranked players in every season will win exclusive portrait frames. (Go to the frames interface to view.)
Unknown - Unknown

Arena Reward

Rank Reward
Season Rewar
1 8000Star 1600Star 180000Star + 600Glory of Battle
2 5500Star 1100Star 180000Star + 600Glory of Battle
3 4500Star 900Star 180000Star + 600Glory of Battle
4 3700Star 800Star 180000Star + 600Glory of Battle
5 3000Star 700Star 180000Star + 600Glory of Battle
6 2500Star 600Star 180000Star + 600Glory of Battle
11 2000Star 500Star 180000Star + 600Glory of Battle
21 1750Star 440Star 150000Star + 600Glory of Battle
51 1520Star 380Star 120000Star + 600Glory of Battle
101 1360Star 340Star 100000Star + 600Glory of Battle
201 1200Star 300Star 90000Star + 550Glory of Battle
301 1080Star 270Star 80000Star + 500Glory of Battle
501 960Star 240Star 70000Star + 450Glory of Battle
801 840Star 210Star 60000Star + 400Glory of Battle
1501 540Star 180Star 50000Star + 350Glory of Battle
3001 480Star 160Star 45000Star + 300Glory of Battle
6001 420Star 140Star 40000Star + 260Glory of Battle
15001 360Star 120Star 35000Star + 220Glory of Battle
50001 200Star 100Star 30000Star + 180Glory of Battle
120001 180Star 90Star 25000Star + 150Glory of Battle
250001 160Star 80Star 20000Star + 120Glory of Battle
500001 140Star 70Star 15000Star + 100Glory of Battle