1. A Lostland Season opens every Monday and Friday. Each Season lasts 2 days. 2. Lostland is available in three difficulties: Normal, Expert, and Insane. You can only select 1 difficulty to play every Season. Clear the challenge at current difficulty to unlock and attempt the next difficulty for next Season. 3. For each Lostland Season, you can select up to 10 Heroes to enter. You can deploy up to 6 Heroes in a battle. The HP and Killed status of your Heroes and enemies will not reset at any time during a Lostland session. Heroes in an ongoing Lostland session cannot be consumed elsewhere within your account. 4. You must clear all obstacles in your path. You can only move through 1 tile at a time. Not every obstacle contains enemies; pay attention to what the obstacles look like! 5. There are a total of 3 stages in Lostland. Defeat the final Lostland Guard of each stage to unlock the next stage. Win Soulstones of powerful Heroes and other rare rewards after clearing each stage.
Unknown - Unknown

Lostland Reward

Level Floor Reward
Normal Beginner Unknown - Unknown
Normal Intermediate Unknown - Unknown
Normal Advanced Unknown - Unknown
Expert Beginner Unknown - Unknown
Expert Intermediate Unknown - Unknown
Expert Advanced Unknown - Unknown
Insane Beginner Unknown - Unknown
Insane Intermediate Unknown - Unknown
Insane Advanced Unknown - Unknown