Blitz Gauntlet

1. A Season runs from the 1st to the 20th of every month. The rest of the month is the off-season. 2. Spells can't be used in Blitz Gauntlet battles. Win offensive battles to earn Accolades and points, but lose points when you are defeated. Win defensive battles to earn points, but lose points when you are defeated. 3. Earn extra Accolades when you kill 2/4/6 enemy Heroes in total. 4. Accolades are used to upgrade Medallions, while points determine your ranking.
1. You can collect level rewards when you upgrade the Medallion level. Activate the Gold Medallion to get more rewards and unlock perks. 2. You get better rewards if your ranking is higher. Ranking rewards will be sent at the end of the Season. 3. Win Victory Marks and other items as your Ranking Reward and Gold Medallion Reward. You can trade Victory Marks for high-level items at the Warehouse.
Accolade Tome - Grants 720 Accolade(s) to Medallions.